Jabez Building Fund - Expanding Our Territory

About Jabez Building Fund - Expanding Our Territory

We believe in this season, it is time for us to increase our territory! We are so excited to see where our new TILM re-entry home will be located and what changes it will bring for our community. We are believing God to send the people with his heart for the lost, broken, addicted, and forgotten. We know that He has planned these champions long ago. We are calling in all those whose hearts are set on fire to see the captives set free! We are believing God for those whose gifts fit perfectly for the needs of the ladies who come through these doors!

We are seeking a 5-6 bedroom house/building or a property zoned multi-family residential, general commercial, light manufacturing or outside of city limits. We would love to have storage for building materials, yard maintenance, gardening, & furniture. We will rent if that is God’s plan, but we are believing for a home to own!

We are believing God to bring together $250,000 for our down-payment, after all, our Father in Heaven owns it all! Would you please prayerfully consider joining this great move of God? Please join us in sharing the word, asking friends to donate, setting up tours of our program with new champions, donating, or setting up an online fundraiser! We look forward to working with you in this amazing season! Thank you champions for your hearts like Jesus!

If you or another champion has rental properties or willing to take a down-payment with lease to own options, please contact Lindsay Holloway 865-258-6193.

Let’s call forth the prodigals, deliverance, freedom, and new life in the authority Christ has given each of us! LET’S GIVE THEM HEAVEN!